The Healing Powers of Xango Mangosteen Juice

Mangosteen fruit

Perhaps, everyone is familiar with mangosteen fruit.

Known scientifically as Garcinia mangostana, mangosteen is a tropical fruit grown primarily in hot, humid climates of southeast Asia like Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, and some parts of the Philippines.  Its rind is smooth, hard, dark purple (see photo) and its size is only about two to three inches in diameter.  The rind, which is approximately an inch thick, protects a soft white fruit, that at one glance, looks like a head of a garlic.  Its taste is slightly sweet and tart; but it tastes best when harvested before its rind turns purple or blue-black.

Considered the “queen of fruits”, mangosteen is naturally packed with powerful phytonutrients. In 1855, German scientist Schmid W. Liebigs discovered that mangosteen contained a group of powerful phytonutrients called xanthones, a class of polyphenolic compounds that are known to have extensive biological and pharmacological benefits.  The fruit itself contains 43 xanthones, which are known to possess strong antioxidant, anti-allergy, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, and antimicrobial properties.  When consumed, these powerful compounds travel through the body and neutralize the free radicals within, protect the cells from further damage, at the same time reverse the damage previously caused by free radicals.

For well over 400 years now, mangosteen has always been a popular fruit in  southeast Asia, not only for its taste, but also for the several health benefits it provides.  It has been known among the locals as an effective treatment for inflammation, dysentery, and skin disorder. They even used to boil the fleshy part of the rind to make a tea to fight against infection.

A group of individuals from the Independent Scientific Studies on Health Benefits of Mangosteen have found out that mangosteen has these benefits to offer, namely:

  1. Anti-fatigue (energy booster)
  2. Powerful anti-inflammatory (prevents inflammation)
  3. Analgesic (prevents pain)
  4. Anti-ulcer (stomach, mouth and bowel ulcers)
  5. Anti-depressant (low to moderate)
  6. Anxyolytic (anti-anxiety effect)
  7. Anti-Alzheimerian (helps prevent dementia)
  8. Anti-tumor and cancer prevention (multiple categories cited) and proven to be capable of killing cancer cells
  9. Immunomodulator (multiple categories cited) – helps the immune system
  10. Anti-aging
  11. Anti-oxidant
  12. Anti-viral
  13. Antibiotic (modulates bacterial infections)
  14. Anti-fungal (prevents fungal infections)
  15. Anti-seborrheaic (prevents skin disorders)
  16. Anti-lipidemic (blood fat lowering, LDL)
  17. Anti-atherosclerotic (prevents hardening of arteries)
  18. Cardioprotective (protects the heart)
  19. Hypotensive (blood pressure lowering)
  20. Hypoglycemic (anti-diabetic effect, helps lower blood sugar)
  21. Anti-obesity (helps with weight loss)
  22. Anti-arthritic (prevention of arthritis)
  23. Anti-osteoporosis (helps prevent the loss of bone mass)
  24. Anti-periodontic (prevents gum disease)
  25. Anti-allergenic (prevents allergic reaction)
  26. Anti-calculitic (prevents kidney stones)
  27. Anti-pyretic (fever lowering)
  28. Anti-Parkinson
  29. Anti-diarrheal
  30. Anti-neuralgic (reduces nerve pain)
  31. Anti-vertigo (prevents dizziness)
  32. Anti-glaucomic (prevents glaucoma)
  33. Anti-cataract (prevents cataracts)
  34. Pansystemic – has a synergistic effect on the whole body

    Price is P 2,500 per bottle

All the xanthones and nutrients found in mangosteen are packed into a 750ml bottle, called XanGo Mangosteen Juice; and because it is cold processed, no nutrient is ever wasted!  With only P2,500 (price per 750ml), you will surely good health.

Watch the videos below for more information about XanGo Mangosteen Juice.

To order, please contact us.  We would be more than glad to share with you what we have personally experienced with XanGo.

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